The Elternband was established at the beginning of 2007 for the express purpose of performing at the 100 Year celebration of the Hillerschule in Bietigheim.


As the name suggests, the members were all parents who had children in the school. Due more to the instruments played by those who expressed a wish to partake, than by design, the Band finished up as a rather quaint mix between a Big-Band and orchestra. Or perhaps you could say a Big-Band with a few flutes and clarinets thrown in, but missing a couple of trumpets, 3 or 4 trombones and the odd saxophone.


Whatever, from very humble beginnings, as the players started to unpack their instruments after 15 to 20 years of neglect, the Band has made enormous strides and actually managed to perform as planned at the school centenary celebrations with a certain degree of accomplishment and a great deal of praise.


At the same time, we established that it was also lots of fun. So much so, that the Band decided to stay together. All we needed was a reason and a goal.


To that end, we started to set up the Elternband e.V. in July 2007.


The Elternband e.V. is dedicated to encouraging and financially supporting the musical development of children at the Schools in Bietigheim. All profits from the various musical activities of the band are used to support musical projects in the Bietigheim Schools - for example the "Blaserklassen" at the Hillerschule.


To earn the profits to support these projects, the Elternband does what it is best at (which is suprisingly no longer just drinking). We play music for your party, event, fest and have fun in doing so. Anything from a 30 minute set, to a full evening program.


So if you are interested in the unique Elternband Jazz, Swing, Latin, Rock mix, in Big-Band style and want to support a good cause at the same time, drop us a line.....